For Africa bitcoinz and bitcoinD


africa Guys we want from your code to make a coin for africa. and some of the goals of medical and exchange. can you help make a coin? I spoke with a representative of the Government of Africa. They are interested in our project and we can still get on the continent of Africa bitcoinZ. who will help create a bitcoinD coin? write. it will take you two days with your experience. thank you for understanding . I suggest on the stock exchange in Africa also put bitcoinZ. Thank you for your reply .


Why to make another coin? BitcoinZ is Decentralized. No CEO here.
Feel free to use BitcoinZ!


friend, we are doing a project so I asked about the desire to help. I support bitcoinz and did charity in it. but there is a project that I do. In parallel, I’m ready to further promote bitcoinz with our coin. I still recommend to many and ready to work as far as my knowledge with btcz. thank you for your understanding. I invite you to support.


BitcoinZ is is also for Africa. Check txtz


Yes, BitcoinZ is decentralized and A Community Gift To The World ! You are free to build a project over the top of the BTCZ blockchain. And I’m sure that you will find help in this community to make your project alive.

But think about what you will do. Don’t create a new coin that will be managed by one country, it will not be beneficiary to the population… The BitcoinZ community think big and every one schuld find a project that can fit into (regional or global project).

Give us some little more details about your ideas, you will see that help will coming.

It’s my opinion:
Government (in all the world) will only find interest in a blockchain (or a digital money) if they can totally manage and be sure that no other one (person or other country) can influence it. Government don’t will that you (the population/also me too) have the power of the money system. So if you create a government coin, you will not have any community around, only private paid guys by the states, working for the government.


Hello! friends, today one of the ministers and his deputies made btcz transactions and shows how to install the wallet on the mobile. a presentation of the payments and receipt of the check was shown, examples of the use of cross-border payments between banks, states and the public were given. Friends, I continue, but I definitely need technical and ideological help. Sometimes operational.
some failed to set up a wallet for iOS. need to do. And for another minister to send btcz. :blush: with love about you


Vitco, As far as I know, the IOS options are

Or paper:

Hope this helps



Another iOS option is the ZELCORE multiwallet, fully supporting btcz


Hey @VITCO Ideological help:
What do you think decentralization should look like for a project like BitcoinZ? What does decentralization mean to you?

Big thumbs up for your hard work! <3


friend, government and big business do not interfere with making payments of large volumes of money for their own purposes through btcz, as was said at the talks and examples of work options for the government and just a community of decentralized people are given. They liked my proposal, since I offered them an alternative instead of taxation. They liked it. It remains to do some actions. Friend, I believe in us all. And I beg you and all the community btcz, this is a working draft. btcz not scam! Put this text in all forums.
with love about you!


btcz is an independent payment and investment peer-to-peer system for humanity. which can be used by all governments, businesses, everyone. it’s my opinion.


Dear friend, I wish to convey to you the emotions of joy and interest of many in the negotiations. But the minister has an iPhone and we did not find a wallet for him. to whom I could, I sent btcz and they delighted in joy began to ask why this bitcoinz? They are very interested, I simply explained. Btcz is Bitcoin 2.0 for all mankind, for real peer-to-peer payments and settlements, as well as for mini investments. And BTC, these are large investments with smaller transactions. :blush: they liked it. since I told them that in their country we can enter a lot of money for business and government purposes with a minimum commission and guarantee. such was the dialogue. Now I need to prepare a conference and presentation for the whole of South Africa. do you know what they said? if they are with us first, they will help throughout Africa. and the project, the community, and the proposals made them interested.
P.S. If I do something wrong with the idea of ​​the community. tell me. I’ll think about how to improve. if someone from the developers leaves us, then the hungry, enslaved children of Africa and the whole world will dream about it. :joy::blush: which they can help to be freer. Regards to you.


the minister needs a convenient and reliable, fast wallet in the phone. Suddenly he will send the budget of the republic)
the idea is to make a wallet for the government, where the central budget holder will be able to send funds transparently, but agreed with another ministry. This is a function to keep for accounting and budget organizations.
what say


Write about it on
It will be helpful to know everyone that we work.
btcz live project!


Coinomi for iPhone, at first start he should write down securely his 12 secret words (as a backup if he loose his phone) and select coin wallets (like BitcoinZ) to hold.

Here is it:


I will speaking with him


Hola, hubo algún avance con la gente de África?. Si necesitan ayuda digan que estoy para ayudar.


@VITCO hubo algún avance? Estoy para ayudar en lo que pueda!! Solamente diga.