For Africa bitcoinz and bitcoinD


africa Guys we want from your code to make a coin for africa. and some of the goals of medical and exchange. can you help make a coin? I spoke with a representative of the Government of Africa. They are interested in our project and we can still get on the continent of Africa bitcoinZ. who will help create a bitcoinD coin? write. it will take you two days with your experience. thank you for understanding . I suggest on the stock exchange in Africa also put bitcoinZ. Thank you for your reply .


Why to make another coin? BitcoinZ is Decentralized. No CEO here.
Feel free to use BitcoinZ!


friend, we are doing a project so I asked about the desire to help. I support bitcoinz and did charity in it. but there is a project that I do. In parallel, I’m ready to further promote bitcoinz with our coin. I still recommend to many and ready to work as far as my knowledge with btcz. thank you for your understanding. I invite you to support.


BitcoinZ is is also for Africa. Check txtz


Yes, BitcoinZ is decentralized and A Community Gift To The World ! You are free to build a project over the top of the BTCZ blockchain. And I’m sure that you will find help in this community to make your project alive.

But think about what you will do. Don’t create a new coin that will be managed by one country, it will not be beneficiary to the population… The BitcoinZ community think big and every one schuld find a project that can fit into (regional or global project).

Give us some little more details about your ideas, you will see that help will coming.

It’s my opinion:
Government (in all the world) will only find interest in a blockchain (or a digital money) if they can totally manage and be sure that no other one (person or other country) can influence it. Government don’t will that you (the population/also me too) have the power of the money system. So if you create a government coin, you will not have any community around, only private paid guys by the states, working for the government.