Greater Central Management Organization


Decentralization is right, listening to everyone even more. But we have to create a more stable organizational center! Someone to contact in case of real necessity if we have to give confidence to this project.
If the coins disappear? If official links of our social are discovered scam groups?

I contacted @CryptoRex here and on Telegram to tell him to change the link to the Italian Telegram invitation. No answer. My Telegram id is @GreyFox7

I found out that the official Malaysia Bitcoinz link is used as a scam group!

If we want to do better with this project we need to create a stronger operative! I ask for an open Skype or Telegram meeting with who runs the site, and who can take the commitment to respond during emergencies.

I recently read, a user who asked for help because he did not see the coins after 1000 confirmations. This project I like, and I invested a lot in Btcz, we want to look scam. or a reliable project on which to invest?

Please ask other users to comment with their idea. It is important to compare with my community! Thank you


Thanks - you contacted me about 1 day ago on a weekend during the up and coming holiday season. Sorry I didn’t respond lightning fast.

Also this proposal doesn’t follow the required template format. Please re-submit your proposal according to the template located here: READ FIRST: Proposal Submission Template

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