Listing BTCZ on discord bot for tips and rains

Email address: [email protected]

  • Problem statement:

Marketing and tipping through discord has relied heavily on Vidulum wallet. Sadly, they no
longer offer staking rewards in Vidulum wallet, making it just a wallet to hold coins and to tip in
discord via V-bot. Although loved by many, Vidulum does require the users to sign up, provide a
link to their discord account, sign every transaction with a password and pin, and then often they
need to be added to a team like Army-Z to get rains. on the other hand has a much lower
barrier to entry. No sign up required and tips are transferred instantly. The coins are stored in
your discord account and can be withdrawn to outside wallets at any time.

  • Mission Statement or Vision:

To add to the marketing and visibility of BTCZ, to further decentralize its ability to be traded,
swapped and tipped, and to add much greater reach through the tens of thousands of discord
servers that currently use bot to tip coins.

  • Objectives to be achieved

My objective is simple: Vidulum is a great wallet but it is a single point of failure if it goes down.
It is also a single option for discord tips and rains. I propose adding as a secondary option
to have not only an alternative but also as an introduction to BTCZ for the millions of discord
users that have wallets and do not have Vidulum’s V-Bot installed on their servers.
Adding these new users and servers will help to spread awareness of BTCZ and also further
decentralize our ability to tip, rain and share BTCZ with other users.
The first objective is to secure the $1000 listing fee to add BTCZ to the system. Using
Vault-Z funds, this should be quick and easy to achieve. We have raised much more than this in
the past for listings on Centralized Exchanges and will allow us to continue the vision of a
decentralized method of exchanging coins.

  • Preferred approach

I would prefer to use Vault-Z funds as this is a much lower amount than many other exchanges
we have gathered funds for. This will also limit the amount of onus on the community and also
reduce issues with community members’ fears if anything goes wrong that their personal funds
were not at risk.

  • Benefits statement

The benefits of listing with are many:
1, the cost. At only $1000, this is one of the least expensive listings we have had to date.
2, The exposure: According to’s website, there are currently over 29,900 Discord servers
with bot installed, over 12 million active users of service.
3, The crypto options are huge, with over 500 coins and tokens supported. They are all attached
to your discord account which means they follow you from server to server so you can get BTCZ
from our server and share it with people on another server to help spread BTCZ awareness.
4, Security is up to the user. Since the crypto is linked to your discord account, enabling 2 factor
for your discord is the same as adding 2 factor for the wallet.

  • Performance and progress measures

Performance will be difficult to track. Sadly, does not seem to offer statistics for each coin
across all servers. However, individual users can report their statistics within each server for the
amount sent and received. An honest way to check performance will be to see the activity of
BTCZ movement into new discord servers and to see the drops being done on the main
server. This server is the primary hub for and its team, support services and the rain and
airdrops channels that their own devs and supporters use to share and exchange coins and

  • Risks and ways to address them

The risks of LISTING on are very few but the use and education of the users is
paramount. The listing will remain active as long as remains active and with an ever
growing user base and discord server base, it is highly unlikely that it will be going anywhere.
The main risks however are that the wallet that stores the coins/tokens for the users is a
custodial wallet that is linked to your discord account. The user does not control the keys to this
wallet and it is stored online. is not intended to be a long term storage solution for the
coins. It is used to tip, rain and exchange coins and tokens but once the user has an amount
they want to store safely, they should withdraw the coins from to a local, secure wallet of
their choice to keep them safe and secure.
This will require education on our part in the BTCZ server as we will be introducing many new
users to the service and they may not be aware of the risks involved with custodial
A basic plan of work (timeline and key milestones)
The plan is to start with a Vote here on this proposal. If passed, I would ask for the Admins of
the Vault-Z funds to help with providing the funds to for the listing. If this proposal does
not pass strictly because of comments on Vault-Z funds, we can instead take a collection from
community members and fund it this way instead.
We will then need to add and integrate the bot into the BitcoinZ server to begin using it to
tip and rain BTCZ. This will also be a good opportunity to provide education about by
adding some how-to and training through discord and twitter.
I would then suggest we leverage the power of Army-Z to spread the word on
twitter/facebook/etc about our new listing and begin spreading BTCZ to other discord servers
our community members are part of. This will help with viral style marketing by sharing BTCZ
with new users in a variety of servers, we can help to educate them on the benefits of BTCZ
including privacy and rug-pull prevention.

  • Cost estimates and funding sources

The costs initially will be $1000.00 USD for the listing. This is a fairly small amount compared to
many of the past CEX listing prices and the existing use case and membership of easily
justifies this cost. I recommend we use Vault-Z funds since it is a low amount and the funds
should be easily replaced over time.
Ongoing costs would include adding BTCZ coins to the bot in order to spread them
through the system. This can be done both by the Vault-Z funds to add liquidity and/or by
community members who wish to spread BTCZ themselves as allows for the deposit of
coins from the respective chains as well.
There is no REQUIREMENT for Vault-Z or for community members to deposit BTCZ, this is
simply to allow for people to send tips of BTCZ to others in order to promote the spread of the

  • Opposing arguments and responses

Although we have V-bot for tips, it does have some drawbacks and it is a single point of failure if
it stops working or stops supporting BTCZ for any reason. Having as a second option
allows us more freedom and peace of mind including the option to do airdrops and team tips for
Army-Z and other promotions.
Although listing has been proposed and passed but canceled in the past, it seemed the
main complaint was the withdrawal fees.
(Adding integration with discord Proposal (passed - but canceled)
2) I can assure you from experience that the fees are generally dependant on the chain fees
charged by the coin blockchain itself. For example, another typical privacy coin imaged below,
charged only $0.001 (1/10 of a penny and less than 10%) to withdraw to a local wallet. A
second coin, cost only $0.0001 to withdraw $1.30 and both of these were deposited into a local
wallet within minutes depending on the block time for each of their respective chains. Etherium
on the other hand with its outrageous gas fees, was going to cost $0.65 to withdraw $0.07 of
ETH (nearly 10X the withdrawal amount.)
This shows that fees are dependent on the natural translation fees of each coin’s own
blockchain. And fees are ZERO when tipping from discord user to discord user, only upon
withdrawal are any fees applied and this is via the chain itself.
Feel Free to message me in the official BTCZ Discord where I am a moderator if you have any
questions or concerns before voting. Thanks

  • Yes
  • No

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Sounds good. Decentralization is the way.


Thanks for voting on my proposal everyone! So far it’s looking like an overwhelmingly positive support!


I fully support this. I also suggested it in the past but the notion was met with moderate interest. Happy to see its revival :slight_smile:


Very nice project :+1:t2:


This is a fantastic opportunity.


Nice idea. is greate pleace for BtcZ.


Yes :+1: cool

It’s a must have and cheap :slight_smile:


I strong belief that BitcoinZ one day will change Monero and BTC. I voted yes.