NOT GOING TO HAPPEN : Marketing guidelines, rebranding and redesign


failed vote? Not sure what you mean there.


The only contentious thing with this proposal is that it’s putting soap in people’s eyes.

It first proposes a branding update and marketing etc.

Then as you start reading this pops up:

A separate marketing team would be created to be in charge of all of the official output of the BTCZ community.

The design part of the group is done by a company that has done projects for the likes of Orange, Samsung and Renault and a lot of real world banks, financial projects and startups. We have 10 years of experience in how branding and UX works and we’re applying it here. The team is doing design, UX and marketing professionally, not as a hobby.

The proposed Marketing Team will not answer to BTCZ developers, but instead will only answer to the team itself. In the essence of decentralization this team will conduct it’s marketing outside of the community. There will be no leader or president, but simply a conglomerate of like minded peers with the same ideals and desires for BitcoinZ’s future."

The quote below in particular is a red flag.

“The proposed Marketing Team will not answer to BTCZ developers, but instead will only answer to the team itself.”

The interesting thing is that this can be proposed as a bitcoinZ pod, working on marketing, for their own purpose.

HOWEVER (caps for emphasis, not for shouting)

This proposal goes on to suggest it will define guidelines for all of the community yet not be held accountable.

Another red flag


If You say it is a fail… why we vote ? Vote is a vote. Now it is 74 vs 26% for YES not for NO. So it seems You are wrong because majority of us want the change… ?


Who is us? And I hope you walked away with more than just a failed vote. This shouldn’t even be a vote.

A stealth project looking for a vote is not what you should do.

I mean did Renuzit propose txtZ through a vote?

Don’t detract from the red flags this has raised and the fact it is not inline with the community paper.

It’s almost as if the colorful art work is designed to take away from the core of the proposal.

I for one think this needs to be removed entirely.

Your team of voters can then correct it or resubmit.


Us is a people who vote. If You mean I cant vote than give me a good reason. I might have more btcz than You and i might run dedicated server that host btcz node longer than You - does this give me right to vote ? How You determine who can vote and who cant ? Who gave You right to say You are better than me (or Your vote is). This is pathetic.

This community and development has no dynamic. Instead we get flinstones or low level diamonds that is 7 .y.o kid and not a pro community driven project.

That is a reason why I dont see any progress. Even that we do have a good projects they are not made in a marketing way… have anybody heard about sms app ? ofc beside our ANN ?


We were a group of people (not just me) that did that design and thinking for free. We were motivated by the good of the coin and we invested a lot (both time and cash) in it.

Maybe some of you need to read through this again. What we’re proposing isn’t centralisation. It’s chaos control.

But reading this socialist bullshit makes me remember the soviets taking over Poland. Fuck that. If there’s no quality control then btcz = shit. Directly shit. We withdraw our stuff and let the flintstones roll.

We were hoping for a professional approach and we’re seeing a kumbayah circle jerk here. This way it will never make any sense.

And we were never going to take over so our quitting won’t affect the community.

If the community has no rules then it’s chaos.



Just fucking sad… I hope that all You pros can justyfy leting this one go. Personaly this convinced me to dump btcz and choose diferent project. Good luck with diamonds shit.

I cant believe it really.


@mike M, I feel your anger, but I’m going to try to hold on a bit for I give up, even though I have had multiple failed attempts to try to initiate some change here.

My frustration here is that some people just want to crap on this rather than offering suggestions to help make it better.

It would be a shame if the community chooses to turn this type of investment and donation of time away.


@Kassolar @mikeM if you all don’t want to continue discussion then so be it - that’s you giving up and not being open to discussing how this can work.

This proposal and forum isn’t going anywhere - so feel free to continue a productive discussion here.

yeah this looks like flinstones:


You can do whatever not harms our community… No need for vote. This vote is about only to forcing us to your vision with a way blaming and attacking every person. By the way you didnt make any promo for our community and many of you is newcomers here (iApz is excluded) so maybe you dont know what is BitcoinZ all about! This vote is for centralize marketing, whats next? Ceo?


Next is just failure.


If you wish it thanks! We dont force you for anything!


Next is 1 satoshi… community doesnt mean it is free. People invest real money in mining/purchase and if You give them flinstones and have NO control over the flow than it is a waste of time.

Just to see the development the look of wallet and design is way behind coins like ravencoin, xdn or littlecoinz… all made better progress because they are responsible people for development/marketing.

Here we cant decide for over 2 months about exchange… no responsiblity=no progress…


@FollowWings you can go back to your artwork.
This harmful approach made the people who -could- really help change their mind against it.

You can go back to your free photoshop (torrent?) and use as many blending modes as you can.

This won’t work. Wrong approach.


I’ve kind of let the other inflammatory shit slide - but if you continue to dismiss all of the other work and make asinine replies I think you’ll be looking a necessary ban…


Voting for a logo/site relift or for opening a second site with alternative look to help btcz is a completely different thing in comparison with voting for fundamental btcz changes. The btcz white paper is immutable and specifies the way how btcz and its Community is working.
This cannot be changed by ANY vote.

Btw even if in a magic way this becomes reality, take in mind that adopting super ““professional”” look for btcz and at the same time blocking any other different styled artwork, will make it looking like all the ico sold and airdropped coins’ cliche promos , most of which I have to remind you that have crashed although they had a style/feeling like the proposed.
Btcz is a totally different coin , Community driven, and this should be mirrored in the multistyled image it is giving in the social media. It is NOT another clone of the other 1500+ cryptos.
It needs time and hard work in order to shine.
Not a messiah inside a Trojan horse (the site/logo relift) who wants to change the btcz’s very mandatory rules and ideas.


Ok. SO 1st You blame me for not being open minded ? Just to be clear i have few milions of btcz - hodl them for longer time. Mined them mostly and didnt dump for longer time. I also runed dedicated server.

I started to look closed into community once coinbene has been chosen and than bitz… what is complete mistake. We could go for changelly instead os shapeshif or anything that brings liquidity to the coin.

Now I see great project/progress vs cheap photoshop that was put OFFICIALY on ANN - with flinsonets/diamond/games… what is weak and = to lambo, moon etc.

And now You choose moon vs pro design. Just sad…

And if You ask what is next… next is low, no progress unles pump and dump happens… but i choose this coint no to be a part of pnd… sorry.


You must not have been here since the beginning - we’ve had worse happen and utter panic and we’re still here. Let’s refocus on discussing how we can make this work.

EDIT: also where do you think changelly and shapeshift do their exchanges? they interface with a few top exchanges that we are not on yet so we can’t get on them. Unless its any different, we can’t target them. I digress, lets talk about the proposal.


Issue 1:
The title of the proposal is “Marketing guidelines, rebranding and redesign proposal”, with which I agree and I would like to see a relifting of our brand.

Issue 2:
However, behind these words (title) and voting is lying another, more important issue to our community.
This is the unilaterally contolling and managing of the BTCZ’s logo, brand and marketing material
by an external and completely autonomus from the community (as the proposal says), group of people (company).
This is something completely else from just a rebranding, with which I do not agree.

In order for this to be resolved, I believe that there should be a separate vote in which the community will decide if it actually needs an external organisation to autonomously control its marketing, logo and brand.

Alternatively let this company speak its price for its provided services and let again the community decide the output throught another vote.

There is no logical reason (except the obvious) for these two whole different aspects to be merged into one single vote.
And I sincerely believe that all these people who voted “Yes” have not noticed this little but very significant for our future detail.

For these reasons and unless this subject becomes clear, I vote “No”, even if, as I already said, I would like to see a redesign of our brand.


Acutally shapeshif has its own funds - they dont use exchanges in 100% of cases.

But coming back to meritum - really dont u see any need for profesional handling of the marketing ?

Whoever did latest silly children looking graphic should be banned for life… this did more dmg than anything else… including moon/lambo talks.