NOT GOING TO HAPPEN : Marketing guidelines, rebranding and redesign


They probably don’t after they’ve listed some projects for awhile, or enough time to accumulate some liquidity - but at first they need to get it from somewhere.

Yes - I’m not saying we don’t need that - but we need to work on how this proposal is written and what is expected to be done as well as its adherence to the community paper. So thats why we are here :slight_smile:


Do you see what I see? Your sayin doesnt add to our community.
To be honest I doesnt used photoshop! Im here since the start and continiuosly supporting it. What do you do? Want to overtaking it?


Oh @cryptorex, I love how calm and logical all your posts are. You are one of the reliable staples that keep me from leaving.

I feel it’s necessary to post this as this was the original stealth project proposal I was attempting to get rolling.

This seems to be the part that is causing the main issues.

the reason it was placed here was to create more decentralization, and not give anybody the ability to give a final yay or nay on released content. The hope was to even have developers as a part of the Marketing Team.

There was never a plan to eliminate or create conformity in ALL material, but simply dillute the fan art with a consistent and focused marketing strategy. Fan art is always going to exist, and that’s great. But when it’s only fan art and not other marketing then some people have issue with this. It’s caused me problems in my marketing efforts, so I stopped and tried to do something about it. Silly me!

I’m trying to not be super insulted by the series of events here, but it’s frustrating for sure.

Its hard to not take it personally when the spawn of my original project is being called an insurrection or an attempted takeover.

I guess the road to hell really is paved with good intentions.


What gives you the right to ban someone for life? That is just silly for a community project. Just because you disagree with their graphic doesn’t make you right. It is your opinion only. As a community project, people are free to do whatever they like whether you like it or not.

The issue with this proposal is not whether we need pros or not. As with the others, they are free to do what they propose on their own, they do not need approval here. But what they have asked in this proposal is to say they own the marketing and people like the developers can pound sand. That is the problem!

When I see inflexible people who say its my way or the highway, I know immediately that its not a good thing.


It is the company of Myk I do not see any problem.

If this btcz is really decentralized it does not have to answer to anyone, we have the example of Gerro, but in reality if you want to advance all the teams will have to collaborate and work together, for example if you want to implement this interface in your wallet, both should Agree, as with the web, whitepaper, etc.

its own ends, I think they are the common goals of the whole community, which is to extend btcz for everyday use to as many more people better


I see what you are saying here. So really, the issue is with the language and not the intention. However, the lack of flexibility on some people (not saying you) is what doomed this proposal.

People need to understand that with a community project where there is no ultimate ruler, no chain of command, that things need to be debated and altered so that a consensus can be built. Its called politics. When there is no flexibility, there is no consensus!


My Jalapeno promo took 6 hour, or the Moon promo took 3 hour to draw.
I liked Iapz promos too.
At this time we are working seperatly, I do emotional arts, VandarGR informative arts, Astronorick for Eyecatchy arts. I think we cover all kind of audience! Who trades by brain and who trades by emotions or view…


Dude if it took You 9h to do this crap sorry to say - go for some design lessons.

Maybe as community we should vote to let u do crap like that… because Your crap work damages my property. So it is not everybody can do whatever You can.

Now I know who did diamond/flinstones/game crap… sorry to say. Learn the design… if You are here for applause for a 7 y.o design that my son can do at kindergarden than do Your own project.


PLZ read this with understanding 1st before learning design and public publishing Your work…


Probably Kassolar you haven’t understood what a Community is.
Obviously you haven’t good manners either, choosing to insult members who have dedicated hours and days of hard work.

If you feel that you are losing your property with btcz , you are free to choose one of the other 1585 cryptos for helping you to regain it with fast pumps and marketing tricks.

In btcz you are going to be free but you have to also respect the freedom of the other members .
If you don’t feel comfortable with this and you prefer giving orders to many people who consider that you are the chosen one and the ruler of everything , you could easily take the paranoiaonwheel proposer and ask to be voted for CEO to any other crypto project or company out there.


Respect is the only norm here, please comply if you do not want to lose it.


My friend , we had seen many aspects of this unbelievable behavior from the proposing “team”.
This is why we had so many suspicions which were completely right in the end. Everyone reading the “small letters” of their proposal can understand this


Marketing doesn’t promote everyday usage. It helps familarise and drive adoption only based on what is being markets. Iwhether a service or a product.

Most importantly, we don’t need a company defining or proposing guidelines when we have one. Looking closer at this now, and I think it was good that we asked for the proposal to be resubmitted inline with the community paper.

There are guide lines to the community and aspects of marketing and how it is to be achieved.

I noticed that most of those who have a self proclaimed capability usually don’t. It is one thing life teaches us all.

I will pay for marketing and advertising for bitcoinZ and keep ensure it is public and do this at the right time for the community.

I am considering ccn and various other stuff that are similar.

All in good time. For now, we need to avoid the bad actors.

Bad actors will have the worst impact on our community.

Look at the attitudes of the guys behind this. Not all but most of them.

Imagine working with people like this who aren’t able to solve issues over time and come to an undersranding or perhaps an agreement on how to move forward efficiently and productively?

It speaks for itself and can’t turn back the hands of time.

We aren’t praying, we remain resilient and persistently learners of lessons in and of decentralization.


Not here for the money


I think we need look more like ico (stylish), but emphasize our advantages every time. Lifting is needed, although for local sellers. It would be easier to convince them to a new “more professional” look. However, it can not be that someone ban a fan art. A lot of good things happen in the sphere of development. I can see it. We are at the very beginning. We lack the strength of breakthrough = marketing. We are a homeless coin, we can not afford anything. We are in the right direction (no premine, no ico, no dev tax), nobody will take it away from us. If someone comes with free help, we should accept it in our situation. However, what effect will have the marketing team on our community?

More professional look - YES
More commerce (like ICO) with shit talk - NO


Where to begin… Foremost, These are just my opinions which are worth no more than anyone elses in this forum

@iapz @mikeM - To be quite honest, Your work is F#%$ing Awesome!, and I’m all for it, love the purple and white look! - Buut… There are a couple thing that give concern and I will try to address them here as clearly as possible.


  1. You DO NOT need permission to do any of this - Zip, Zilch… This is one of the beautiful things about BitcoinZ, you can say fuck it, and just run with it - and I think you should do exactly that as long as you don’t cross anything set forth in the BitcoinZ Constitution (Whitepaper) , just keep in mind, if you want community support - including from the Devs, you need to address these concerns.

  2. You are absolutely right about taking a chaotic approach, through competition the strongest will win out, and honestly I think your work will easily rise to the top as the most sought after layout - in time.

  3. You’ve already done most of the work in setting up the layout, and as far as our professional official twitter / News outlet I would have no problem supporting you being apart of the Marketing group to manage it assuming the below Cons can be addressed - Now to be clear, Adding you would be the goal, not giving full unabridged control over them -as this sets us up for failure if you get hit by a bus, get bored of the project ,or just decided to be an asshole and up and leave with passing control. (not saying you would - but it is a possibility the community needs to be prepared for).


  1. “The proposed Marketing Team will not answer to BTCZ developers, but instead will only answer to the team itself. In the essence of decentralization this team will conduct it’s marketing outside of the community. There will be no leader or president, but simply a conglomerate of like minded peers with the same ideals and desires for BitcoinZ’s future.”

Assuming you need zero support from the Devs in Wallet, website, miners, etc redesign / reskinning, This absolutely this will work and you don’t even need to post it in here to do it… but nobody here is required to help anybody with their projects - especially the Devs - and what you said in this statement is setting yourself up to have everyone who is on the dev team become defensive by essentially telling them their input is not required / valued. If you came to me asked for help, you’d have a serious problem in getting my support, and most importantly - my time in assisting you with implementation of your project.

  1. Aside from all the banter back and forth which I think is good - it means people are interested in your project for good or for bad, but I am seeing a disturbing behavior - The fact that you are getting so defensive, and essentially saying “fuck it, I quit” makes me lose all excitement for what you are trying to accomplish. I cannot tell you have many hair brained ideas that I have presented to the other leads that have been shot down - yet are still on my todo list / actively being worked. You need to take this approach if you mean to get anywhere with this. Don’t be a little bitch and quit just because people here are knocking down the idea - tweak it, patch up the things folks disagree with and make the idea stronger - you will find allies that will help, I am one, and there are others if you can address these concerns.

  2. Lastly, you are being critical of what individuals some new, and some old have contributed to this project because of their lack of skill professional skill… This is just as toxic as the poor advertisement you wish to see them stop. Furthermore, just as nobody can stop you from moving forward with your marketing plans, none of us can stop the actions of other members. So why drive off those that are otherwise trying - in whatever way they can, to help promote the project. It’s foolish and needs to stop.

Also @Kassolar - Out of all the posts you have put on here, everyone of them has been critical and flatout rude to who have given their time freely - for good or for worse. I have to tell you, from one asshole to another - your not going to win anyone over by bashing those that are trying with the limited means that they have - if they are doing something you don’t like , help them! don’t bash them and berate them, that we reserve for Trolls. I too am holding millions of BTCz, and I DO NOT agree with you in wanting to silence people just because their work does not meet your expectations.

With that said, TLDR:
@mikeM Don’t Give up just because people don’t agree with you, fix the things that need to be fixed and lets get it done! We are all here to make money, lets all stop whining like school girls and actually work on things where we can find agreement.


Thanks Rizz, you’ve addressed some key points here that were overlooked with a pile of negativity and assumptions, but I’m done with any more BTCZ marketing for quite some time now.

Had the rug pulled out in a couple directions today, so I’ve had my fill for a while.

Going to stick to mining and holding, and selling when the time is right.



It was said out you copy pasted Iapz proposal so its unprofessional. Looking closer at your art seems to be similar to the older suggested redesign of our wallet but it was black, now its purple. Did you retouched that one?
And you said out many times you have more funds then others.
Iapz please dont tell me you paid for them to coo.


Why do I have a feeling you mixed up:
1: older Komete’s brand guide line
2. Iapz secret proposal
3. Zcash new android wallet style
4. Skype logo?




Let’s imagine a situation where some people can’t drive a car. Yet everyone is granted a drivers licence even without any skills. People are going to get hurt.

I understand the trust issues, that’s why the marketing team probably should be selected with the help of the already trusted people.

People who are hurting the coin with shitposts should NOT post anything that looks remotely official and should use hashtags like fan art.

Not reporting to the developers (at least how I understood it) was for a situation in which a team member posts a proposal for a marketing image and it’s discussed among the marketing team alone, without bothering the rest of the group.

That is the only efficient way.

We sent this proposal after a lot of thought so nothing is random. Changing huge parts of it would not work for us as it’s not the same message anymore. We wouldn’t identify with it anymore and that in turn would lead us to not want to do it.

Also creating a “fan site” with that design while shitposting is happening in the background is a waste of our time and effort.

The hard facts are that currently the lack of vision and a desperate need to belong is destroying the shreds of professional messaging around the coin.

And it’s all good that new technology is happening, but with that message people don’t care about things like txtZ because it’s not properly shown / explained. It just looks like a meme with feature phones in it.

As long as it’s a free for all, nothing professional can happen. And without professional help this will be just a meme-coin with game characters, lambos and shiny crystals.


Also I created the previously done brand guideline (to provide a temporary fix) and the wallet designs that Komete posted.

But after more thought we went in a different direction.

Not going to reply to the skype logo stuff and zcash wallet because this only proves (as your images do) that you’re legally a blind man :slight_smile: