NOT GOING TO HAPPEN : Marketing guidelines, rebranding and redesign


Well - this topic has certainly gained traction. From my point of view, there has been some strong points highlighted on both sides of this ‘marketing/branding’ issue. lapz / MikeM had some big points in this proposal, some of which should not be overlooked. Branding is huge in todays marketing arena - we don’t need to like the concept, but it is in our face daily. Simpler is better, color matters, consistency matters. I may not have cared for the blue to purple transition, but it is easier to work with than the current color scheme. I’ve never liked how we use the gold colors, like just about every other bitcoin looking crypto. However, I’ve worked with it because I had no better suggestions. As others have identified, there are parts of the proposal that appear to not conform to the whitepaper/guidelines, but the proposal has far more good points than bad (imho). At the end of the day, I do hope MikeM stays as involved as possible, and if he would like to develop ideas further, we will all be better off to hear it. I like what has been put forth in terms of a standard font set/style, and have been using (some) of these guidelines to attempt more consistency in my own work. Also, some of the promotion art I put out there got ‘lightly slammed’, and to be honest, I don’t completely disagree with my critics. I’m a big boy, and can roll with any punches. So my hopes for all, for this loose confederacy we call a community, are to let cooler heads prevail. I like the concept of fan art, and I like the concept of branding standards for presenting facts etc. about BtcZ. It’s a big world - some people are attracted to Anime, others are attracted to a professionally branded consistent format. At the end of the day, I don’t want to see the contributions of anyone, including MikeM and lapz fall into obscurity - it’s too important.


Okey Im out and topic can be closed:

  • Its unfair and centralized, you forcing your vision through the community, not leaving a chance for a brand race…
  • Rizzman medals 100pcs, exchange fees, wallet and other fees , Tshirts, Stickers, Jeweleries, shop walls,need to get payed out as an insurrency, why you rubbished.


I’m not forcing anything anymore. I voted no.

I’m just saying how I see this is all going to end (badly). You don’t need to take my advice.


My dear friend , the problem is that those guys want a specified frame of (their) rules in order to make something for btcz.
It is a ''take the whole package EXACTLY as WE described it or LEAVE it!".
Nobody has ever told them that they could not participate actively in the btcz promotion mechanism and in the end they would probably enjoy much more attention than the “flinstone makers”. So I cannot see the reason why the btcz Community has to sign a special treaty or something, in order to make them work for btcz.
You know, this is really weird, and their arguments are COMPLETELY poor about this.
For everything there are numerous channels/mini clubs with different utube channels, fb teams etc.
Others have more members and others much less. For btcz this should be even more welcomed and it should be a normality because we are talking about a DECENTRALIZED COMMUNITY COIN. Not a Company (even for companies or artists there are so many unofficial sites/channels which have sometime more visitors than the first ones created).
Their obsession with accepting their rules, creating a new totally different regime with strict rules about expression and community members participation, is a large red flag and a breaking of the fundamental btcz rules.

This fact, combined with an arrogant and offensive behavior of the proposer during the last days, is making the most core members of the btcz Community extremely suspicious.


I agree the proposal would need to be modified to be conforming to whitepaper, and a different approach to be in the spirit of the community. Discussions in the forums yesterday were getting a bit overboard - and once personal insults start it is definitely not of the community spirit of things. So we shall continue bro ! I’m looking forward to where we end up with new algo soon, and I’ll throw some marketing art together to help get the word out.


So everybody can do what they want BUT they cannot insult others.
Seems like a strict set of rules man :wink:

This is my point exactly - there are a lot of loopholes in how a “decentralised community” works. (not saying insulting is cool - it’s not. But shitposting is also very NOT cool and also hurts :wink:


I don’t disagree. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the good ideas (branding, consistency) and worthwhile information (whitepaper standards) that has come to the surface over past few days was buried in all the ridicule and critique. Hopefully people take some reflection time and some improvement happens as it can.

Hopefully, all can agree past few days got way out of hand, and for people new to BtcZ it doesn’t look to friendly if perusing through the posts. As you also voted no, I did as well - but not on the basis of the graphic standard ideas, I like consistency and a format.


To make you pleasure ! :wink: 10 minutes work.


MikeM Freedom isnt a rule, but nor anarchy.
Anarchy fights with weapons toward chaos.
We have guns only filled with white flags!
As a member of us could suggest to you smoke sg before going on insult others and feel bad.
Feeling bad is killing, and its only exist in your brain.
Heal man!


ahahaha Follow, this is fine, but if we are going to launch something important, would not it be better if everything followed some guidelines to make it coherent? what looks serious


I though the first brand guide lime was accepted, but anyways Im following that one and improving my skills!


@mikeM I get your point, however on this same thought process you have to take into account that in the world we live in people still drive cars without licenses - sometimes they are caught, most of the times they are not - a major distinction in real life is we have paid law enforcement teams in place and monitoring an well established road system that is maintained and equipped with cameras, stoplights, road guards, etc - If we abstracted the same rationale to BTCz - We have less than the Oregon Trail to work with- We don’t roads, no police, nothing - essentially the wild west. Most will get hurt, but some will prosper beyond imagination.

This is in nature where crypto is at the moment, So I don’t get the point of trying to be the sole cop in the wild-west - its just setting yourself up for disappointment. Anyways, I get where your coming from with losing interest by changing your vision so I will end with just saying this - if you really believe in the idea, you will continue with the idea as a stealth project in its unfiltered form and those who support it, will gravitate to you.

Otherwise, it’s not worth continuing to inflame the community over.



I don’t see a stealth approach as one making any sense.
Doing anything new while everyone else does what is being done currently is going to dillute the effort and there is just too much time needed to do it right for it to be dilluted.

I think we should skip the entire redesign discussion and just don’t do a redesign. Keep it as it is. The only way for a redesign to work would be if it was radical. If it can’t be, then it shouldn’t happen.

The only positive is that maybe more of the current posters will try to use the guidelines and maybe btcz will be less of a meme coin in the future. Fingers crossed!


Nice as you said whatever, includes your arts aswell! Welcome onboard of Decentralization! Use twitter, share facebook, google+, reddit, instagram (Komete owns), btc talk and not for collecting up a new team, just to share BitcoinZ awareness!! :wink:



Your answer is creative and it puts some good flow into this whole debate. You are right in many many places.

Also You are right that I might be to rude. But it is not 1st time somebody says that somebodys work - no matter that i apprecitate the fact of free work - i very very dislike (and not only me but many many others) that anyone… litteraly anyone can put some crap graphic that in general hurt whole community, project and make this coin equal to SCAM.

That is why i hate that and that drives me crazy. Moreover person who does that says he spend so many hours etc. I understand free work donation - jsut to be clear i set up dedicated server that i bought and I run node there to support network - so i undertand what it costs to work for free. But the damage that this attitude does is bigger than benefit.

Communit doesnt mean anyone cand do anything - take Linux for example. It is community and open code but still there is solid management and version control.

We have to do the same.

It is not about overtaking project but about taking responsiblity for leading this project.

You also have to udnerstand that @MikeM offers us profesional service that would cost a lot of money… for free and people balme him and accuse of stealing etc.

At the end @FollowWings - please think twice before You post something that is really unprofesional. I cant help Youw ith design but for sure You havent asked even Mike for help. You just think that Your amateur skill is profesional. I can help You with coding etc but design is out of my league - that is why I dont touch it. And I dont even try… Please note that Your behaviour hurts whole community and project. If You show this graphic public You make us look cheap SCAM. Even tho it is free etc and It seems You have support on the forum… this doesnt change the fact it makes damage… sorry to say that.

and :“Rizzman medals 100pcs, exchange fees, wallet and other fees , Tshirts, Stickers, Jeweleries, shop walls,need to get payed out as an insurrency, why you rubbished.” Cant You understand that this aproach is non profesional… it is like 0.1 Euro gift… nobody care… it is not a way how pro’s promote…

@FollowWings just dont improve Your skills on BTCZ… do Your own www and try to sell it. Dont hurt people with Your stupidness… more dont ruin btcz project with this attitude.


I followed this topic closely, excepting the lines that were bashing people around, I really think we should appreciate each other first of all.

@MikeM It’s a “YES” from me because I know that the idea you guys wanted to put out about the marketing team that validates content is about main/official channels of BTCZ social medial. People are always free to promote their art on other channels. Of course, people that contributed so far to BTCZ art (or fan art - however you want to say it) should be respected and guided to do better. You should move your vote to “yes” if you believe in it. And explain that marketin team controls only official channels.

@FollowWings & @VandarGR - You guys already know that I personally appreciate your work around this community, but I’ll always be sincere with you guys: I’m thinking you are overreacting, IMHO. You shouldn’t just jump in to bash the proposal. You could of course ask more details about the lines that got you confused. You have been around here for a while to know that we should build stuff together, provide feedback to one and another. Plus, as i understand it, the marketing team will have community members, not just Mike and Iapz (who BTW was here in November when i joined and i can say he always had good intentions). I didn’t see you guys being so aggressive with Gerro, the one and only that predicts BTCZ price… and it’s a fact he gets some retweets. He’s tweets are IMHO having a huge negative impact on BTCZ. That’s a guy to get bashed, not people that propose something. If they insult you i expect you to be more mature and discuss it, that’s what a smarter person does. Also, I do not see an issue to you guys, if you still want to help, to use fonts, colors and respect guidelines of a brand… This is just how it should work on any artwork.

@Astronorick You were also bashed around here and you took it like a man and wanted to discuss it. I really appreciate your way of thinking things and accepting feedback even if Mike was a little harsh.

About this proposal: I think @iapz you should try to re-phrase the “Marketing team” definition. I know you have good intentions and you are not about centralizing anything, but others just don’t know you.
The design looks awesome, and yes the colors are a joy for the eye. Also, it stands out of usual coins you find out there at the moment. People need to understand that marketing is not about tweeting stuff or waiting for McAffee to pump a coin. Marketing also means that when you see a color combined with a font your brain should automatically associate that with a brand. Let me give you an example: When you see the blue used by facebook, and some of the lines used by them , isn’t facebook the first thing you remember ? If you forget the website name, how do you ask your firend about that website: “Hey, what was the name of the website with funny memes ? the one that looks like facebook, with that blue” . Because our brain do that, always associate colors, feelings with something well known. We need that for BTCZ, an eye catching desing and brand.

Yes, official materials should be filtered by community members that are native in English and know some stuff about marketing, but those members need to be trusted and to be decentralized so we can rely on them at any hour and in case some leave the community.

This is what i was looking for with, to build something for the marketing team. A team that knows what to send to subscribers and a team that is able to build the material for e-mail HTML.

@mikeM and @iapz giving up is not a solution, we all do our best here, even if we make mistakes we are humans. Let’s help and teach each other how to become better.

I may forgot some of the thoughts i had on this, been a hard day. I’ll be back with more thoughts as they pop to my mind.


Thanks @Faneatiku, I just made a huge angry post in Slack after reading some more slander that was fired in my direction. Enough is enough for me. I can handle constructive criticism, I can handle a little rejection, but after being linked to a proposal I never made, and having my stealth project made public without my approval, and then on top of it being called a traitor, and someone trying to take over BTCZ as well as a pile other things I’ve had my fill.

I’ve deleted all content and discussion in the forum from our private marketing channel and I’m stepping away from the community until I can see some actual community come back to the community.

Cheers. IAPZ out!!


Astronorick dude, you are the man!


Voted NO, because you don’t, need permission to do that.
Be polite and don’t let few drawnbacks offend you. Marketing team needs to have thick skin!
I strongly recommend to go hand in hand with devs. They are our driving force just like any marketing tream.

I work as mechanical design engineer, and our marketing team always consult with us. Sometimes they dont have technical knowledge and needs our help, so they can advertise our product in logical way. And they have a lot of freedom to do do whatever they want to achieve goals.

Don’t quit. Help BitcoinZ, communicate here, with devs, people, … And do what is right. You can feel it.

Thank you for your unselfish work.


Agreed - His work has been nothing but AWESOME. Pay no attention to anything different. You are an asset to the community. @Astronorick