NOT GOING TO HAPPEN : Marketing guidelines, rebranding and redesign


The proposal is a mixture of peanut butter (awesome redesign) and jelly (centralized marketing team). I voted Yes for peanut butter,and would like to vote No for jelly if I had a chance. I think most people who vote No for jelly would be happy to vote yes for peanut butter if they had a chance. You see, vote results will be meaningful if peanut butter and jelly is separated.


No for both but contact Exchanges how much is the fee for changing our logo, and Coinomi or other wallets…
I assume around 3 million in BitcoinZ minimum!
To stay Decentralized it should to put together among yes Voters!
I didnt add the costs of already made Collectibles, Tshirts, Jeweleries, stickers and their shippment costs and our coders wasted efforts whose have to put away their ongoing projects and rebuild everything.
From another perspective everybody has the rights if its not agaisnt the whitepaper and the community to act for BitcoinZ on his/ her way!
If you want to build a purple color BitcoinZ site, do it, but dont force everybody on your view. I like the color, but we look more scammish if we change design whenever someone doesnt like the existing one.
Would you buy a coin which is at rebranding?
Definitelly NO! Why? Rebranding means the team gave up on their project or part of their project, or it means they want to hide the past of scams.
We could have a chair as a logo, it doesnt matter! > what matters is your belief on that chair! To prove that chair is your life, worth everything!
My chair is BitcoinZ! What it means the Decentralization! Noone is giving to you commands to do this or that, but we can work together improving it. Yes we have a Whitepaper not to build rules, rather to keep us Decentralized! BitcoinZ Is the Freedom! BitcoinZ is the team spirit! BitcoinZ is a lifestyle! its so much more then a coin. I would be very happy if the whole World would be Decentralized! And while we fighting for heir Bitcoin, we actually fighting for World’s Decentralization!
Okey as you wish, fee free to come up with another Proposal with the ability of choices or with a rebrand race if thats your goal…
But its cost nothing to build your own Web page and tweet your own promotes.


I don’t have much left to say but I’ll point out that 54% of 64 votes is hardly a real vote in a community as big as this one. I’d wager 1/2 of those votes were immediately after the proposal was made by mostly people who saw the images and went “ooooooh, a new design” without reading the content. I had the same initial thought but when I read the proposal itself, my thoughts about the proposal changed.

So yeah, even if it was 100% of 64 votes, it’s still 64 votes.


Also, FFS… stop it with the exchanges. BTCZ is on a dozen exchanges. What is a new exchange going to bring that all the others don’t? Exchanges at this point are a waste of community funds.


Dude go and check RL examples there is a plenty of tokens/coins that got huge gains after rebranding.

For example Lisk - got any idea why it got rebranded ?..


On what exchanges?

Trade satoshi and - only 2 usuable… where r dozens ?

Have You ever tryed to use any other than 2 mentioned above ? Go and try.

We need some trusted one with volumne.

ATM we got 40k 24h vloumne… it is a joke.


I tried, SE, TS, Ccex, Btc-alpha!
Ccex usually do vacation, but deposits still works fine and they are announcing it. (now they are on two weeks atm)
Ts is slow as hell but works fine, a bit complicated to set values…
Se doesnt have min-max trade price limitations but i asked them to fix it (against pump dumps).
Btc alpha could be as good as Bittrex in the future! No problem at all.
Ccex would like to accept debit cards in the future.
Don’t blame on our supporters! They keep us alive, if it has fake volumes like exrates and … Go and tell them to fix this!



First of all with amount that You have You shouldnt be allowed to vote and do any actions:) Lets start there.

OFC 100 USD etc… moon etc… it is a joke. Max what it can hit is 0.01 ATM it is less than 700 USD 4 U

No doubt You try to sell jevlery :slight_smile: GL

Already dumped my amount what coused 26 ATM… and i bet it will got lower:)


I am sad to see how explosive the community turned against this. I agree 100% that nothing but fan art looks scammy.

Maybe this is an age gap thing. I dunno.

Either way, there needs to be some way to at least guide what is being used as promos. Fan art on Facebook is different. Promotions and marketing need to be positive and professional or the outside world will never come in. Especially big investors. Money is important to most people, they won’t throw big sums at a 6 min photoshop blend sadly.

I am not bashing learning photoshop! I learned when I was 9 and I only played in it unprofessionally for the next 10 years, now I’m learning how to use it professionally in the most recent year and a half. Learning is fine.

Branding needs to be professional to get attention


Community voted YES

What now ?


Sooo any updates? Would be interested in the direction


community voted No actually.

Guess you never read the Community paper either. If you did, apologies, but clearly you should be away of why the community voted NO. Please read the comments regarding this proposal and how it is not aligned to the community paper.


i just visualize how torrents work when I think about decentralization


Bitcoinz going to be fine.


i think we’ll be more than fine, especially after zhash and everyone that mines equihash realizes that all their pools are being dominated by Z9 Mini ASIC miners, which only cost ~$1400 for 10Ksol/s

not only will the added asic resistant help decentralization, but with that they’re further protecting us from 51% attacks afaik


You know what pisses me off more than anything? the mind, the heart, and the mouth not synced. Many have said they will do this. this and this… and then come up short. or leave. or get suppressed out. This is community, but definitely not family and shouldn’t be confused as such. You know what works better than typing 8000 keystrokes, the voice you have. use it on discord. get into a voice channel and get groups together to work on projects instead of making it a damn competition for btcz cookies that don’t exist. what do you want? a tug, hug, or reach around? seriously. I have tried several attempts to get community members to collaborate and all I ever hear is excuses why you can’t join a voice server. Are you embarrassed of your voice? are you 12 years old? what in the hell would prevent you from collaboration. oh your program isn’t the program they use. it’s all the same in design and graphic world you export the source to what you want. Instead you choose to type in a forum on a proposal and make it a month long. then argue about stupid shit on chat platforms. when I simiply suggested an edit to the logo i was tossed around like a rag doll. and all I wanted to do was clean that shitty ass edgy crap off the logo. no color change, no font change at least make it presentable. nope. misunderstood. so i made a complete trash ass logo just to fuck with them more because they think i want to run shit. i don’t have the time nor money to run a damn thing. i’m literally pissed that there is a huge communication gap on this project. people that do not speak english as their first language. And this isn’t to offend anyone it’s a real issue. cultural understanding. people would rather be a keyboard warrior for hours on end debating and fighting and acting like a sissy school girl rather than put their keysrokes to action. I backed off. i got real stuff to contend with in real life. i don’t have a huge farm. but i put my time in. I honestly hate proposals. common sense isn’t so common is what i’m getting at. and when everything is so damn subjective to the individual it’s really bad. like i said the project is decentralized. but there should be a better way of “working together” rather than fighting for btcz cookies or giving jhanny or cryptorex reach arounds all day. anyone that knows me on a personal level knows i use comedic humor as a mechanism to lighten the mood. but it’s fucking misunderstood by foreigners. like i’m some dictator… well go watch borat or “the dictator” and you’ll figure it out. that’s me motherfucker ! your crazy uncle playing football with himself in a van down by the river. you guys need to stop debating and get with the damn program . as much energy as you use in your fingers could potentially use to benefit the project… we need marketing… does the community want some outside influence to control all marketing… NO. what would said marketing team outside of community want to do with the project. how about 1. marketing team submit marketing material. you gotta specify. you ain’t controlling social media so get that straight. now about the graphics. on dips and downtrends people lose their fucking minds so it’s meme city. i haven’t seen one submit from said markeitng team to vote on. all i see here is a bunch of tit bitching. grab your balls and do some shit. submit material for approval and get with it. otherwise talking about it for a year isn’t going to solve shit. “just my 2 btcz”


I really like your thought! :clap: :heart:


Why can’t I vote? Possible that the vote is closed, or because i m basic user?


Closed! -irrelevant-