NOT GOING TO HAPPEN : Marketing guidelines, rebranding and redesign


All that and still no reference to my words.

Sorry but i have better things to do than continue this attempt at a discussion.


Again detracting from what is said.

The reference as outlined was not to your words, but to those who said clearly they were would like to filter out the "fan art’ and your words are:

You would: many see the “fan art” as being harmful to the BTCZ community.

I think that is only the many you work with, and that is of cronyism which leads to corruption


We both do, I only wish you would contribute content, maybe someone would post it, from your special locked channel of marketing professionals. I mean this truly. Not being sarcastic, just think it is pointless of us to discuss this, when you can produce great content, and show and prove your professional standards above “fan art”.

The problem I have is not even with your graphics.

Its with the lack of knowledge of the requirements of marketings. The attempt to own the function of the entire community marketing and output. the control structure.


@Jhanny I’m not trying to detract, I’m simply trying to clear up one point before I continue on to the next. This is simply how I communicate. I’m sincerely trying to have a conversation, but in order to do that I need to understand one thing at a time. I don’t communicate in barrages, maybe it’s an age difference, maybe it’s a cultural difference, I don’t know.

I asked you to please reference where I said this.

and your reference to that is me saying this?

That is absoloutely true. Just read the above posts. But I’m sorry the quote you referenced has no relation to the statement you claimed I made.

Please help me understand this and we can move on to the next point.

Thank you.


You know you have the ability to run this proposal because of the decentralized and free nature of this community, right?

If this wasn’t the case, as you would like to be, this proposal would not even be here, let alone the 2-day accounts that are voting now in order only to dump tomorrow.


A possible solution to similar future attempts:
Whomever would try to abuse the freedom and the decentralized nature of this community in order to break it down and gain personal advantage against its rules (white paper) and its members,
should immediately get the impacts of what he asks and wants to apply to the community, that is losing its ability to freely create votings or participate in future decisions and of course immediate cancelling of its proposal.


Thanks. Yes i do know this, but again…this is not my proposal.

My only purpose here now is to be accountable for every word I’ve posted and attempt to make people have the same accountability for words they’ve posted about me.

I think that is the responsible and mature thing to do. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


So if there was a private locked group populated by people of like minded beliefs (some devs). Formed by by invite or referral and able to leave at their own will. This group would be In discussion and development only until a group concept or consensual agreement hashed out and then released into the wild.

Would that model fit your sugesstion?

And please before answering ask any questions for clarification.


Firstly I am not necessarily refering to you.
Secondly please think before you speak.
I am speaking clearly, not with IFs.


Not an if. That described situation was real.

And thank you for the criticism.


So there is a ton of content here and I don’t have the time to go through it all but let me add some of my thoughts:

  • BitcoinZ is all about decentralization. This is a completely foreign concept to everything you know. You may think you get it, but you don’t… because it’s as @rizzman1000 said, the wild west… the new frontier… It’s impossible for us to understand it because there’s still so much to explore. As BitcoinZ ages, we learn more about what decentralization is, how it works and how it can be applied to our centralized lives.
  • As mentioned in my previous point, we live in a centralized world. This means we can’t be fully decentralized because the two don’t work together very well. This means until we can reach true decentralization, we have to build bridges towards decentralization. What are these bridges? Here are a few I can think of:
    • Our main website ( It’s a centralized source of information. What would a decentralized website look like? This forum is a step in the right direction. Here, you can speak your voice, people can vote – agree as well as disagree. Is this forum decentralized? Unfortunately, no. Not yet, at least. It runs on one infrastructure so it’s still centralized – but the content within comes from many sources and people are free to choose what to believe. We’re constantly working on figuring out how to further decentralize everything from the codebases, to the wallets to the information resources. This is our goal, to learn from our mistakes as we explore this new area of life.
    • Communication channels – sort of… We have slack, discord and telegram. Having three services connected to each other is great. It allows people to use the medium they choose and still be connected to the others. Unfortunately however, the connection between the three is a centralized bot that copies messages over. The bot is centralized because it runs in one location.
    • Pools – sort of… We’ve fought this fight since day one, trying to keep hashpower decentralized over many pools and not to let any one pool grow to large. This has been a very hard struggle because running a pool is very time consuming and most people who start a pool will shut down within a month if they don’t gain traction. Beyond that, Suprnova has held about 50% give or take of the network since nearly day one. This is also something we continue to work on.
  • So what about marketing? BitcoinZ lacks in marketing. Going door-to-door is great but is also very time consuming, slow and expensive. Social media has helped tremendously and I think it’s a great way of getting the word out. I also think we need people to write content. Search engines love text so the more blog posts there are out there written about BitcoinZ, the better. We need good content that when non-technical people read, they’ll understand. The website can probably use a redesign, but we need someone to invest the time into drafting a new design and they themselves or someone else can take that design and make it a reality. I’ve recently rewritten the site to be considerably more lightweight so updating the design shouldn’t be a problem at all.
  • But which social media posts or which design is best? To answer this question, we go back to decentralization. It’s really hard to satisfy everyone. Scratch that, it’s impossible. No matter how amazing you think your designs are, someone out there is going to hate it. Because BitcoinZ is about decentralization and it’s impossible to please everyone with one single design, we have to be willing to have multiple sites. is maintained by some members who have been a part of the community since the beginning but that doesn’t mean we can’t have other versions of the site. This is the nature of decentralization. I’ve seen plenty of social media posts out there that I didn’t care for about BitcoinZ but that’s OK! For us to reject them is to centralize. While those posts may not appeal to me, they may appeal to others.

OK, this is far beyond my ability to keep track of what I’ve been saying (I have a terrible memory). My main point is cool design. The purple is definitely different. I like the roundedness of it. I’m also completely against “one marketing entity” that has full control. Also, I noticed there was no mention of what this will cost in the proposal. Is this being donated? Lastly, I think I speak for everyone when I say If you’d like to help, please do. We’d love help. But we’re not willing to give up decentralization and freedom – even if it’s just about marketing.


@mikeM will you leave the files in case someone wants to work on the proposal?


No sorry. We’re using it for something else.


Best part… fuck off but leave Your work:) so we can use it later… so pro. Steal his work:)


Thanks for clarifying how confused you are.

This is a community. We’re here to serve each other, not our selves. If you don’t care to contribute and are only interested in your own profit, sorry you wasted your time… Have a good day!


You still have Pro graphic designers who wont follow any guidelines so why bother to sue that if all other graphic wont match ? As @FollowWings said it is a copy what already has been done in the past + cheap copy of skype etc. What is a point to use it if it is so bad.

Despite that that has ben YES voted by majority still is declined by choosen few.

So stop all this BS about community - You made a vote and vote was passed but it is still not happening. You are doing totaly different thing that you are writting.

Put more premature graphic and make no solid communication and current 30 will be 3 soon.


Can you or anyone sustain making 30 into 3 and think that the coin won’t bounce back
It will. We aren’t here to line your pockets. made a clear and concise point, yet you proceeded to showing your incapable or comprehending our goal and aim as a community.

While we like some of the proposal we don’t like the aspects of handing over freedom or decentralization.

Your team could have changed this yet, given your head strong stubborn approach that your way is the only way, we as a community cannot support a central command or marketing.

Your intentions are visible through your lack of effort to adapt and remain aligned with the community / white paper.

The community with succeed and will find its way to decentralization entirely, as an alternative to current centralized systems. Long road ahead but worth.



I certainly hope it will succeed and best of luck. No sarcasm. What we showed required a specific approach and it wouldn’t work as a dilluted piece but I see by the recent fan arts that it’s going strong anyways.

So no hard feelings, try to understand our point as we try to understand yours, and best of luck.

PS. I updated the guidelines pdf IF anyone wants to use it as my last bit of help to this community. And this has absoluty NO strings attached. Use it if you like, don’t use it if you don’t.

PPS. Kassolar isn’t on our team in this proposal so „your team” might’ve been misaligned


link to the guide of mikeM


I am in nobody’s team. But when I saw this proposal 1st it made me very content about this project. Finaly there will be pro approach and somebody to make clear communication - but You failed. Despite it is still 54% on YES.

Now we got some other rebranding by VR but lets be real it is 1/10 as good as this one was.

Hard to be enthusiast for the project if You keep failing. No exchange for longer time (coinbene, bitz) it is failure. Now no pro redesing and marketing. Instead we got so called fun are and jevlery… it is pathetic.

If You want for this coint to mean anything ever than do progress dont just slap your firneds back… and say it is all right… it is community.