PlusBit Wallet (Integration complete!)

Hello BTCitiZens!

Our friends (@PlusBit) from PlusBit PoS that enabled BTCZ-mediated transactions in the Point-of-Sale service ( have recently also launched a PlusBit multicurrency wallet which runs on insight explorer (

@PlusBit people are willing to include BTCZ in their wallet for a fee of 0.075 BTC, mainly to support their dev and server infrastructure elements. This could serve as an opportunity to use VaultZ funds ( Given our current low exchange trade volumes, we would ideally like to avoid dumping 7,500,000 VaultZ coins (assuming 1 sat price) and reduce the BTCZ price further. We could avoid this by calling for volunteers willing to purchase this amount off the exchange so we do not have this amount stalling the exchange. To avoid any VaultZ speculative accusations we could limit the volunteer BtcZ buy option to a 1,000,000 max limit per user.

I trust it would be in our interest to have BTCZ in that wallet given our recent problems with coPay etc. It appears to me that the more BTCZ storage options and the more presence we have in multicurrency wallets, the better for BTCZ.

Below I attach a poll (2 weeks time for the poll) for the vote whether the BTCitiZens would like the VaultZ to be used for expanding BTCZ wallet options. If this vote passes, then please comment if you would like to participate in the 7,500,000 BTCZ VaultZ purchase.

Do we want to use VaultZ to get BTCZ listed on PlusBit Wallet?

  • YES
  • NO

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I don’t think another wallet is useful. we should use this money to create some service. an e-commerce, an application, a game. something that makes our project known. at the moment I think our portfolios are more than fine. I remind the community that at the moment VaultZ is not infinite and now worth little (1 sat), we have to choose well how to spend.

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“we should use this money to create some service. an e-commerce, an application, a game” - I do not see any proposals for this or VaultZ bounties raised. Postponing the spending of VaultZ until it’s worth ‘something’ sounds counterproductive to me. BTW, new VaultZ subwallet managers have not been chosen still so this initiative is also failing. We can agree to disagree. That’s the beauty of this coin. We’ll see what voting result brings.

:thinking: So no infrastructure needed for plusbit, it use our insight api ?

Also 0.075 BTC for dev only, BitcoinZ integration… It’s now 750$. Seems correct for me.

But what is the real benefit of it ? Do we will have an exchange possibility between the different coins supported by the wallet ?

I will not vote for this if we do not have an “Plus” functionality associated with this wallet.


@PlusBit Could you please address Marcelus’ questions?

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Hi everyone,
Regarding exchange possibility, Swap feature is in our todo list, and we have agreed with Changelly and Instaswap. That means users can exchange but i am not sure if BTCZ is in these platforms. Probably not. I cannot promise but we can talk with Instaswap to get listed BTCZ there. Honestly no plus functioality for btcz for now.

The cost is for PlusBit to maintain it and for developers and server thingy.


I have to confess that I agree with @Marcelus and @GreyFox , that being hosted just in another multi-wallet seems to not add a new
special functionality for BTCZ except that of one more multiwallet option.

However I agree with @Monobody that we have a stagnancy of the VaultZ funds usage (even the only VaultZ funded project till now, the Zepio wallet has not been completed yet) , and it would be nice to get some action for the funds.

In addition the fact that @PlusBit is a very trustworthy and reliable partner for us (their Point of Sales app featuring btcz is really good at opening many doors for adoption out there) , plus the fact that @PlusBit has kindly offered us a good 50% discount on their fixed listing fee, my vote ended up as a marginally positive for this.

I only wish to kindly ask @PlusBit to always honour the BTCZ Community which is building strong bridges with their services, and do whatever is possible in order to help the featured coins like BTCZ in future deals as they expand more and more. Please don’t forget that btcz is a really Community driven cryptocurrency without premine funds, ico sales or “scammy” developers, we have limited economical resources available for spending, so a truly caring partner in every level, would be highly appreciated.

PS. The idea of supporting future btc payments with the model that @Monobodyhas suggested is really nice (by internally buying some btcz coins ). Of course I would gladly buy 1Million btcz coins in case that the community decides positively for this vote.


I’m not sure to have understand correctly how the wallet will work. And It’s an important point to know what follows :

Will the PlusBit wallet using our insight API and BWS service ? Or do you plan to build your own btcz node and implement the needed api’s do give ability to use btcz on PlusBit wallet ?

I point my finger on this back :point_up_2: “recent problem with copay”. If PlusBit wallet not build its own infra for inplement btcz, but also use our actual insight, so at next time that we have an api issue, PlusBit wallet will also have same problem as the copay wallet.


I really find right both what Monobody/Vandar and Solid/Marcelus have expressed .

I am voting no with scepticism! If the wallet is going to use its own insight explorer I may change it to Yes!

In any case, I would personally be totally ok with a yes or no outcome. This is a nice dilima and we should thank @Monobody for this post and the clever description for getting btc funds.

I would buy 1m btcz for sure if the community decides yes anyway!


I’m also ok with a yes, as long everyone know on the possible problem :wink:

And I also will buy and stack 1m btcz to help to maintain the price :muscle:

But I waiting to decide if I vote strong NO, or an yes. Because if we have an backup wallet, its ok and fine (we have a +), but if its relay on actual same existing infra, nothing is solved and we will have one more problem to manage in case of API issue.


On our meeting, 30 May, I will try to explain why we not should to relay every applications on same node… And have more redundant apps/infra.


Although I am the founder of Plusbit, I agree with you. This doesn’t mean PlusBit is bad. As far as I understand, you have wallets that work in the same system and you had problems with them because of insight explorer things.

We use its Zelcore insight explorer according to our deal with them. Also we run proxy api etc. If there is a problem in the future, we can run our own explorer too. It is not a big issue. Plusbit works just how Zelcore light wallet works, mostly same.

We respect your demands and votes.

However, if you want different wallet like BRD, our devs can develop it for you, we can discuss this as separate project.


Yes, I will buy 1 mil. :heart:


Hello PlusBit founder :slight_smile:

Thanks for you answer. I’m sure your products are good and your company is trustfull :+1:
(I have no reason to say somthing other)

And I’m glad you understand our technical concerns and moreover, you informed me of the existence of the zelcore insight explorer, which I did not know about :
(which is just fine, because when we had problems with our APIs, the zelcore users were not affected)

The problem is therefore reported on their side (partialy) in the event of a breakdown … but can potentially still pose a problem on two wallets at the same time; PlusBit and Zelcore.

Anyway, I also respect the community’s decision, and in all case, I would support it :slight_smile:



I tell you that this wallet lists zcoin, litecoin, dash, it would be a good step forward for bitcoinz


There are reasonable YES and NO about this offer, but I support this idea and I’m ready to pay 1 mln. BTCZ from my side.


Thank you for all the votes. The voting is closed now and 80% people voted YES, so I think we could proceed with organizing VaultZ funds to arrange for 0.075 BTC payment.
Please volunteer below for 0.5-1 mln BtcZ purchase for a 1 sat price.
I will only step up for purchase of 1 mln if we lack enough volunteers for completing the 7.5 mln BtcZ amount.


The fact that I did not agree with the proposal. It doesn’t mean that if you need I won’t contribute. If you need to sell 1 million I’m here.


I am. 1 million for me for 1 sat. The exchange will be by sending BTC for BTCZ as I understand it.


@Monobody can we start to integrate BTCZ?


yes sure, if the vote is closed and the people voted yes, you can start.
plusbit can you share here your btc wallet where send the btc.