VAULTZ : ZapBTCZ Wallet proposal (passed - in progress?)

Dear BTCZ Community,

We have an interesting proposal by Miles, frontman of the ZEL Foundation.

For those who may not know , ZEL is a friendly cryptocurrency (I would say a precious ally for btcz), known for their nice multiwallet "Zelcore".

Zelcore included BTCZ among the very first coins for free , giving an extra option to those who have btcz, for both iOS and Android mobile devices and for all desktop operating systems as well.

Proposal from Miles Manley on behalf of Zel Labs to port the new Zepio Zcash wallet from the Zcash Foundation to BTCZ to create ZapBTCZ :zap: :heart:

Hey BTCZ :wave: , my proposal is for my team and I to port the Zepio wallet recently released by the Zcash Foundation for BTCZ. ZapBTCZ will be a Sapling-enabled shielded-address-first BTCZ wallet, cross-platform macOS, Windows and Linux, built-in full node with support for mainnet and testnet, as well as dark and light themes. ZapBTCZ will be free to use (No dev tx fee), open source and built on a modern tech stack (JS and electron.)

Regarding maintenance of ZapBTCZ, support from my team and I from Zel Labs will last for a term of 3 years for core functions, that are available at release. This means all features at release will be maintained for this period, including any network upgrades and BTCZ binary releases. Other features may be added in this period as per requests and suggestions depending on difficulty to implement and time needed to implement. Further funding may be needed to fund such development of extra features.

I look forward to working on this and providing a fresh, clean and simple approach to a wallet for the BTCZ community.


Miles :heart:

The total cost for this proposal is 5,000,000 BTCZ (five million BTCZ).

The payment plan that has been asked by the proposers would be as described below :

2,125,000 btcz before the release

2,125,000 btcz after the release

250,000 btcz each June ( June 2020 , 2021 , 2022)

The aesthetics of the wallet will be compatible with the most oftenly used dominant colours (based on blue colour codes that have been used for the most artworks about our coin) and it will be branded with our classic logo.

In my humble opinion this is a very nice proposal, with a logical cost.

A modern full wallet compatible with all the Operating Systems, would be a great addition and another great development advance for BTCZ.

In addition we would build even stronger bridges with a friendly project which has been a really worthy one.

PS1. You can find two screenshot samples in the lowest part of the proposal

PS2. Please take in mind that this proposal is completely compatible (cost-wise) with our developer’s gifts proposal.
Our Community Fund can afford both of them and it will have enough funds for the next quarter’s Community Subwallets as well !
Of course more funds will be gathered soon in VaultZ , and we will get more development targets as well!

Vote wizely :slight_smile:

  • Yes
  • No

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yeah a new open source, non third party wallet app needed so much! thank you.
Edit: I would like to see high security features like Two Factory Authentication.


Great proposal Miles. Thanks for that! This is a nobrainer and I believe this will be accepted by the BtcZ community. Expanding FollowWings raised issue, could you please specify what security measures will this wallet have?

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Hey :wave:
First release is aimed to just cover the basics so for simplicities sake while people are using the wallet for the first time there won’t be any additional security features. But wallet.dat encryption and potential for 2fa via hardware devices is possible. We’ll explorer these as we move forward through the summer. Hope this answers your question, *I am personally against centralised 2fa solutions such as Google Auth but something like d2fa might be cool to implement when the next iteration is released.




Will it be an encryption / spending password option ?
This is something that has been missing from our full wallets (I think because zcash doesnt support it).

Thank you


I like thise line ! it’s probablly this one the will pay the most !
But we have to be sure that it will be supported until the end date.


Been hearing some thoughts around this proposal.

BTCZ team needs to be able to handle releases to protect the integrity of its community and that comes with looking / reviewing the code for initial release and subsequent releases. How are we going to handle that @milesmanley?


Hey @cryptorex we can setup a call later this week if you’d like (I’ll reach out in dm) but we have a few options. We’ll provide clear build instructions so anyone can build from source but for releases signing would be nice as well as some automation. I would also like to have some form of CI such as Travis to ensure the master branch is always functional. I’d say it’s probably best for us to discuss our options and process on a call though. So, I’ll be in your dms and hopefully we can set something up or we can talk in a public channel if that’s preferred. Either way look forward to hearing back from you.


I agree, it’s a fair model and makes sense in this situation.


We will look into the options of wallet.dat encryption which means entering a password at start up to access funds… But then password protected sending once passed the setup may be a little more challenging… Well at least to do it in a way that is actually secure and can’t be worked around via rpc calls outside of the wallets ui. As I can see a way to easily do it in the ui but to stop someone malicious from sending funds once logged in… Not as simple. We’ll explore our options, I personally take security seriously so any advancements, that make sense, even in the smallest degree are worth building. :wink:


It appears the vote has passed. However, there are some trust concerns regarding how releases should be handled.

There will need to be build audits etc before we can accept and pay out on this proposal, as blind releases could hurt the project, chain, or the community.

@milesmanley has reached out to me to discuss it, but I suggested @renuzit or are better suited for this discussion. However, if there is another developer from the current teams, I’m sure they can also assist on this.


BlockquoteIt appears the vote has passed.

Great to hear, we look forward to getting to work.
I have spoken with @renuzit and I believe we have come to an agreement on how releases will be handled. Over this weekend we’ll try and get a beta built and code uploaded so @renuzit can fork our repo into a BTCZ team controlled Github Org. We will work in our repo and create clean PRs into the BTCZ controlled org’s repo for subsequent review, merge and release. We would like to sign release but if BTCZ team members are building then this would lie on, as we currently see it, @renuzit.

Will update this thread with any news, hopefully we’ll have some over this upcoming weekend :slight_smile:


These are really great news guys !


is this still on the top or what happened?! My informations about it a part of the funding was sent out already for the development.
Any news about it?


Yeah no update since 4 months… :confused:


No news but no funds have been sent to the team yet as well.

I guess that we were waiting for an announcement about the date release before the payment, however we have no news from the ZelTeam about it.


@milesmanley hello man! When are we going to have a release date announced? The BTCZ is obviously ready to make the payment , we have voted for this.

Thank you


Thank you for raising this @Dio. I am eager to hear some updates, especially since it has been over half a year since the project proposal and there hasn’t been any news since!


Please @milesmanley let the address for the first part of payment by the Btcz Community

We will proceed with a btcz GitHub thread in order to include everything about the wallet as Renuzit and you have agreed.


Hey everyone :wave:

Sorry for the lack of reply here over the passed couple of months. I am excited that @VandarGR has reached out so that we can finally get to work on this :partying_face: - I believe we’ll be able to start on this in about a weeks time and be ready for release soon after. :smile:

Our BTCZ address is: t1UL64FoHM1wya4sFrGNqQDJTe5HPbomhuX

Please reach out to me on Discord if you would like to be a tester as we will need some :sweat_smile:

Thank you all and we look forward to releasing this very soon,

Miles :heart:

(My Discord username: milesmanley#9309) I will not direct message you first and ask you for any information, a scammer would so always be careful. Make sure you engage with me via the General channel in the Community Discord, not via direct message first.