Listing BitcoinZ on Coinsbit

Hello dear community, as some of you well know, I have recently joined the community, but I am trying to make my contribution to making us visible as I know best. So today I come to you with a new proposal
Listing BitcoinZ On Coinsbit

[email protected]

Problem statement: Notoriety, Liquidity of BTCZ


  1. Increase BTCZ Notoriety
  2. Increase Liquidity of BTCZ
  3. Increase Price of BTCZ
  4. Atract New Investor

Proposal: Listing BitcoinZ in an Exchange Medium, thus having the chance to attract more consumers

Since I joined the community I have tried to use everything I know about exchanges, and I have contacted a few people I have had contact with in the past. One of these people is Max-Businnes Development Manager at Consbit.

Who is Consbit ?- Launched in August 2018, Coinsbit is a centralized exchange based in Estonia. The team claims that the number of Coinsbit users is 2,000,000. Coinsbit supports cryptocurrency pairs, 6+ fiat gateways and OTC trading, as well as P2P-lending platform. Coinsbit offers cryptocurrency trading and allows users to earn cryptoassets via the Staking pool. Coinsbit exchange token CNB that was launched on 1 January 2020 to reduce trading fees for users. Coinsbit offers its platform both for listing and for conducting IEOs.

Company name: Coinsbit Inc., company No. 219327 Legal address: Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle Providence, Mahe, Seychelles

Here is Website:

Here is First Offer From Coinsbit!

After several discussions with Max, please see below the offer made by Max for us:

Bronze package listing for Getbtcz

TRADING 2 crypto pair USDT/BTC

  • Finall price 6000$ + Trial period of work with our full-fledged MM team for 1 week. (Discount 4000$)

PROMOTION- Announcement to all official communities (creation of the new or support of the existing accounts in the most popular among crypto traders social media networks: Twitter, telegram, facebook, instagram) :cn::us::kr::jp::ru::indonesia::vietnam::saudi_arabia::tr::south_africa::india::bangladesh::brazil:

  • Announcement on Coinsbit website
  • 1 non-fee accounts forever
  • MM daily generation volume forever
  • MM public API
    -full-fledged Market Making for 1 week
    -Development of a strategy for entering the exchange
    -Spread: Reduction of the difference between ask (sell price) and bid (buy price) and token price stabilization
  • Increased trade volume
  • Filled order book

Silver package listing for Getbtcz: TRADING 3 crypto pairs USDT / BTC / ETH

  • Finnal price 12000$ + Trial period of work with our full-fledged MM team for 1 week. = Discount (8000 $)


  • Announcement to all official communities (creation of the new or support of the existing accounts in the most popular among crypto traders social media networks: Twitter, telegram, facebook, instagram) :cn::us::kr::jp::ru::indonesia::vietnam::saudi_arabia::tr::south_africa::india::bangladesh::brazil:
  • Announcement on Coinsbit website
  • Emailmarketing campaign for registered Coinsbit users


  • 2 non-fee accounts forever
  • MM daily generation volume forever
  • MM public API
    full-fledged Market Making for 2 weeks
  • Development of a strategy for entering the exchange
  • Spread: Reduction of the difference between ask (sell price) and bid (buy price) and token price stabilization
  • Increased trade volume
  • Filled order book


  • Trading Competition
  • Staking pool

So I ask BTCZ Community, do you agree to go ahead with the Negotiation for the listing of BTCZ in Coinsbit?

If you agree-to go ahead with negociation, you agree with Bronze Pack?

If you agree-to go ahead with negociation, you agree with Silver Pack?

  • No
  • Yes Bronze package
  • Yes Silver package

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HI Florin!

The last 2 weeks you have written 2 proposals about listings on new exchanges.
I am curious for some things. I wanted to ask these questions from your first proposal, but unfortunately I didnt.

So, lets get to the point.

When you type “Coinsbit reviews” at Google, are you OK with all the following findings?
At Trustpilot ( they get 3.4/5 from 112 reviews.
At Cryptowisser ( 3.26 from 144 votes.
At Reviews ( 2.3 from 7 reviews
At Nomics ( 2.6 from 9 reviews
At Revain ( 3.5 from 50
At CMC ( Coinsbit fidns itself at 78 place with an exchange rate of 4.3/10 despite the massive daily reported volumes and visitors.
At Play store there are 3! Coinsbit Apps, one of which gets 2.4/5 from 1400 votes.The official one has only 1000+ downloads. Jeez!

A “super duper” exchange with over 600+ millions $ reported volume and millions of visitors daily (as it claims) has only 1000+ official app downloads and guess what else!
Its token CNB ( has been at less watchlists than ours!

Just for comparison reasons I mention that:

  • STEX app at Google Store has 100000+ downloads
  • Crex24 app has 50000+
  • Graviex app has 10000+

So, have you checked all these before proposing this exchange? Are you Ok with these red alerts in order to bring this for community vote?
For some weeks you were questioning the community if anyone have used this exchange. I think you got no answer. From a community of some thousand members, you got no positive answer. But still you got this for community vote? Are you OK with it?
Are you OK with the fact that all these come with a price also? Which in my opinion is not cheap at all!

Actually they should pay us if they want us to be listed there.
Besides we wont gain anything from them. American people deal with way to many problems at this exchange.
Also they need KYC. Someone cannot see this straightforwardly. KYC comes with the withdrawal procedure. They accept every deposit without prior notification of KYC, but someone cannot withdraw anything without passing KYC, which is some kind of scammy way to deal with these things.

Some time ago we won the DOGEDEX competition and we were like “Oh! We won this event even we were less. Check all these fake communities with bots instead of people etc…”. So then, we were able to see what’s going on. Where is the difference now?

Are we so desperate to be on a new exchange? Are we so desperate to pick almost any random exchange which pumps its volume to the sky and get there by paying!? By this way, we are essentially playing in dice a large portion of our community fund. Have we thought this? Are we so desperate? And for what? We wont get anything from these exchanges, just pumped volumes, which already had with exrates! I think that if we just want pumped volumes there must be cheaper ways for sure.

We have already lost both a lot of money and reputation following the path of the centralized (scam) exchanges (some of which were way more reputable at there time than these proposed ones!), that really surprises me how easily some people want to take this path again, really not caring about the past.
By repeating the same mistakes again and again is the exact way for our community to gain some notoriety and not now as the proposer claims that our problem is at the problem statement of this proposal.

Do we really need a centralized exchange? Lets save these 20k$ here and 10k$ there for random exchanges named coinsbit or coinsd1k or whatever and aim to a top one with real reputation and real people using it (eg Kukoin,, Polo, OKEx). I am not mentioning Binance because they will list us for free any way some day!

I am also really surprised with people who auto vote “YES” just seconds after a voting procedure for a new listing has been posted to the forum. They see a new exchange and they auto vote “YES”, without searching or reading or caring about the consequences of their voting or taking any responsibility if something goes wrong.

So and for this reason, I think we should slightly change the way we are dealing with voting procedures. I strongly believe that putting a proposal and the problem statement open for discussion at the same time with the voting procedure is totally wrong. Instead, we should establish a logical period of consultation time at which the proposal will be put for discussion at the forum without the voting procedure taking place in parallel. After the end of this consultation period a parallel voting procedure could take place. By this way community members who have no time searching by themselves, they could read the provided information and discussion and at least take a more informed decision.

Lastly and as I have already told before, it is millions times better to give these funds to people who really care about the community and have proven many times their commitment to the project as a whole, such as Vandar, Monobody, Rok, Marcelus, CryptoRex, Chad etc than giving it to a random exchange. Also, the proposal of adding integration with the discord through (Adding integration with discord Proposal) and giving 1k $ for 18k discord servers has a risk we could take, a risk that is way less than the one that comes with this current proposal. I believe the benefits of being at 18k servers greatly outweighs the risk of losing 1k $.

For all these reasons I vote “No” at this proposal, as I will do at the Folgory proposal at which the same (more or less) red alerts appear too.

I love our community and I really want us thrive! But I strongly believe that this path of “picking random exchanges that pumps its volume” is not the right path to take! We are still young and healthy! We have nothing to fear or be in a hurry! It only needs patience and the community fund to be given wisely for development and real exposure.

Best regards.


I believe that people in this community can think for themselves, and are free to do their own research about any proposal.

And as a short note, yes I think these 2 proposals are 2 decent proposals compared to what is happening today in the market

Best Regards- and welcome to the forum after 1 year-

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Dont start me this! I am here way, way, way more than you!

And I really hope you are not F1orin from various discord servers, some of which have very shaddy past.

And as a short note, you have answered nothing.

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As for what you wrote above-
I will let members of this community read and do their own research on what you wrote !, and if you have short questions about listing feel free to ask!

PS: And on other servers I don’t know have account!


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Calm down! There is no reason to yell! Or is it?

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I am calm :))))), i think i give up!- i must recognize, you win!

Yes! I agree! My reasoning with your… whatever! Keep going! You can reveal your real you!

I speak with facts that anyone can easily find with some reasearch and you speak with personal attacks.

You know this type of behaviour can only be explained through one way.

I dont think you want me to name it, as a pro you are.

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I am not just in this project at this moment. I am here since the beginning and I will be here when your just project will be other.

i would encourage people to look here
for information about traffic to there website and here

for information about one of there two apps the other has no data


Yes can be a place where to look and i am sure our members wiil find a lot off method to make their own research on any proposal!

After all, this is the beauty of a decentralized community, let each one come with input!


I cant say anything about this exchange.
Can we get a better deal?!
I feel a little bit rushed.
I would wait the Forgory listings effect, no not for the magical price rise.
I want our volume to be 100k plus constans.
We need volume of interest, to be able to trade, to run technology on top of it.

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I made my DYOR.
Those who reviewed by 1 also this exchange are bots with trust level of 1.
Who made 4 star votes from 5 are legit users with trust level of 10/10 and with review of 50-100+

I vote with YES


Well, actualy that’s a good idea. Because Coinsbit is a medium exchange that will give a good boost for BTCZ project. It is not necesery to go for a silver package, because on bronze package 2 pair is enoght for tthe boost, and that will draw attention. If that boost the btcz project they will make more pairs for free… :wink: And the price is not soo big.


Actualy we can do it in 2 easy ways/steps. First is we as a community rise this amount of money. It a 100 USD from 60 people. The other way is we all as community to switch and mine in a donation adrress… That s 1 or 2 days of mining…


yes do you own research and don’t use just one source of information
i just linked it as a source i found useful


I vote no because btcz will become popular and will be listed on any exchange for free

Im semi part agree with you, it SHOULD became popular by itself according to BTC father, but since than were only 5-10 coins now there are hundreds of thousands.
Still we are the cleanest coin with a super tech behind and an awesome community but we have to get an ignition toward the well worthy exposure.

No exposure - No volume - low price - cheap community wallet - no money for new technologies.

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You people are happy that spend Vault Z funds on centralized exchange listings. I vote no.